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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Typical Morning Conversation

Neither Rich nor I are typically morning people.  So this morning's exchange is the sort of conversation we have before 10:00am.

Me:  You have a douche patch back on your face.

Hubby: It's a soul patch.  Did you know that jazz trumpeters originally grew these in the '50's because they found it was comfortable for the mouthpiece. WikiProof!

Me: You're not a jazz trumpeter.

Hubby:  But I used to be!

Me:  Did you have doucheface then?

Hubby:  No.

Me:  Then your argument is invalid.

Hubby:  You're invalid.

The end.

Are you a morning person?  Do you have random conversations in the morning that lead nowhere?  What's the strangest/funniest one you've had?


marypeeling said...

The last two lines are the end of EVERY SINGLE DISCUSSION between justin and I. No matter how ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Oct 24th, 2011, 6.45 am.
ME (singing): "Where do broken hearts go, can they find their way home...lalalalal."
BRIAN: *Laughing* "See, you wake up happy sometimes. Usually you tell me stop being so happy."
ME: "There is nothing funny about a broken heart."
BRIAN: "I have to go to work. Send me, you know, things."
ME: "Things?"
BRIAN: "You know, things."
ME: (clueless) "Will do."

Tracy said...

Haha I love it. Hmmm wait... perhaps there is a veiled threat in there! If you don't send 'things' he will break your heart. You should dump him first - preemptive strike! ;)

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