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About the Blogger

Hi – my name is Tracy and I’m a stay at home mom. Phew!  WOO! It’s great to get that off of my chest. Being a SAHM was never something that I imagined for myself – it happened due to a set of circumstances that were largely out of my control, which I’ll get to later.

Born and raised in Port Alberni, a small, pretty town on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, I decided to move to the big city of Vancouver at the age of 24. About 2 years after my move there I decided to do a few things in order to ‘grow as a person’.
  1. Choose a career.
  2.  Break the serial monogamy cycle and stay out of committed relationships for a minimum of two years.
  3.  Learn to live alone and support myself financially, mentally and emotionally.

I chose to work in law, made it through the two years intact and made a lot of money for a single gal. So surprisingly enough my plan was very successful and I’m a better person for it. Not that getting a solid diagnosis on my brain’s shoddy serotonin production/usage skills didn’t help.

Eventually I decided to commit to a relationship with Rich who is now my husband and father of our amazing son, Ender. In April 2009 we relocated to Northern California for my husband’s work and I had to quit my job in Vancouver. Leaving the law firm made me a sad panda but you can’t beat the great people and great weather here in Cali. Hopefully we’ll get green cards soon and I’ll be able to return, at least part time, to the work force.

So I’m glad you stopped by and I hope you enjoy this blog. If you see a post you like, don’t forget to forward it on or share it with your friends.