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Monday, October 24, 2011

I need your help!

Since Mondays are kind of suck and give everyone a case of the blahs, I've decided in my usually selfless way (shut it!) to bring you a regularly scheduled Monday posting wherein I will journal my day from the point of view of someone/thing else!  Yay!

Inspired by my favorite show evah (Walking Dead) today will be brought to you by Zombie Tracy!  I'm so excited.  Check back this evening for a complete Zombie rundown.

But I need your help with a good weekly title.  Like 'Journal of Tracy Pretending to Be Something Else Mondays' - but better because that is not really very good.  I need to feed on the cleverness of you people, gimme some ideas.  Oh!  I said 'feed on you people'.  I'm a zombie already.

See you later!

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