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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sunshine on my Blog Face!

So Jennifer over at Mamawolfe gave me a Sunshine Award! Cuz I make people happy about all the things!

I am pretty happy to get this because (1) it's a pretty picture and it reminds me of my yard outside that I am ignoring because I am inside glued to my laptop as if it were a giant block of crack with a keyboard on it and (2) it feels super warm and fuzzy that someone enjoys my weird posts in the way that I intend.

So thank you Jennifer! Go pop by her blog - her writing is delightful and if you check out her About Me you will see that she is also pretty hot ;)  If you just read that in a creepy way then do not go over there. Leave her alone, you stalker.

Now - on to the questions that I must answer, for said award requires me to reveal some deets to you.

1. Favorite Color

I can't pick just one! What about all the other colors that will feel sad and lonely because I didn't pick them for the team? I'll try to narrow it down though.

For clothes: Black, blue, red.

For decorating: browns, reds, yellows, river rock tones. Nothing too bright.

2. Favorite Animal

This is so easy. Kyssa, my socially retarded laboradore noire. The SRD.

3. Favorite Number

But there are so many to choose from... like.. infinity. There - is infinity a number? It is now and it's my favorite so stop dissing it.

4. Favorite Drink

Water. Boring right? I love water. It hydrates me and keeps me alive. If you've ever seen a dehydrated Tracy you would throw jugs of water at me every 25 minutes.

5. Facebook or Twitter

Three months ago I'd have said Facebook, hands down. But recently I've been more involved on Twitter and I'm finding so many clever and hilarious people on there that I have to admit it's become equal to FB for me now.

6. Your Passion

Ender. My son is my greatest achievement thus far. It sounds sappy but it's true. I also like to save animals.

7. Giving or Getting Presents

Giving. Getting stuff is awesome, don't get me wrong. But I get way more excited about watching someone open a gift I've gotten for them.

8. Favorite Day

Any day where we get to go out and do an activity as a family.

9. Favorite Flower

Noooo. Stop making me choose! I'm a Gemini for heaven's sake! We can't be limited like this.
It's easier for me to say which flowers I don't like. Anything that will poison me or turn me into a zombie or eat a squirrel whole is pretty much on my 'No' List.

UPDATE: I didn't 'forget' to put the list of bloggers that I nominate for a Sunshine Award. I also am writing a post about a Versatile Blogger award and am going to consolidate my linkys in one post. Look for that one tomorrow!

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Jennifer Wolfe said...

Tracy, true to form you made me smile again. And you're pretty hot yourself! ;)

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