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Friday, January 13, 2012

That was &#@$ing Weird

Yesterday morning as I was loading E into his car seat for our drive to preschool, we had a little conversation about the weather. It went like this:

E: It's really cold out here Mommy.

Me: It is! Even though it is really sunny out, hey?

E: Yeah. That's fucking weird.

Me: WHAT?  What did you just say? 

E: I said, 'that's fucking weird'.

Me: That's not a nice word! Where did you hear that?

At this point, I'm silently pleading "Please don't say 'mommy', please don't say 'mommy'."

E: I don't know.

Me: Well, who says it?

Still desperately hoping it wasn't from me...

E: From [insert name of a bestie here].

Me: Hmm. Are you sure?

E: Maybe from the man at the park.

Me: I see. Well, it's not a good word. No one is allowed to say that except maybe an adult. But you don't say it and your friends aren't allowed to say it. 

You see, on New Years Eve E and R were outside in the hot tub. Our yard borders a park with our fence separating our yard from a small picnic area. That picnic area is at times favored by a few local drunks who like to sit, drink beer and get into arguments over who has better morals and spewing out gems like "I may be a thief, but I'm no motherfucking liar!" Good for you, guy!

There are several picnic areas throughout the ...
Image via Wikipedia
That particular night one of them blurted out some sentence involving the word 'fuck' which Ender promptly repeated. R and I both jumped on it and told him it's a bad word and he shouldn't use it.

So here is my predicament - at times the swearing blaring into our yard, even during the daytime, is obscene. I've considered, several times as a matter of fact, heading over there to say, 'Hey, I got a little kid over here. Wanna use some nicer language?'. But I'm concerned that would just aggravate the drunks. So do I call the police? It is a public park. In a pretty upscale neighborhood I might add. It's just that there is a train station a block away so, as we learned from living in Vancouver - put in a train station, acquire some drunks &/or crackheads.

What would you guys do? Have you had a similar situation? Any suggestions?

A sign that designates no swearing in a city.
Should I put up one of these 'No Swearing' signs?


Leslie said...

I don't know what to tell you here- I have a horrible mouth and so does my boyfriend, so I know eventually my 3 month old is going to spout out that very word. I think as long as you explain that these words are used by grown ups and no one else, then that's about all you can do. I was raised in a house where neither of my parents cussed- and I drop the "f" bomb at least once an hour :)

Tracy said...

LOL! There is a reason I was worried he was going to finger me as the culprit. My husband and I try not to swear too much in front of E but I'm sure he's heard it more than once.

I still remember the very first time I ever heard my mom say the F word. I was about 18 and she sort of strangled it out and then looked all embarrassed and giggly.

grammy said...

Well you obviously did not get your potty mouth from me. Poor E he really has no idea and if you over react he will really use it just for shock value. Basically ignore it and quietly say we do not use that word and, if at all possible, refrain from using it yourself at least in front of him. Hard to tell someone not to do something when he sees people he admires doing it. It is such a lovely sounding word after all. Hopefully he will not emulate his big cousin who thought spelling it out would be perfectly acceptable as he told us, he did not say the word just letters so that had to be okay

Jennifer Wolfe said...

I think E will probably figure it out. I swear like a pirate and my kids know it's not the right thing to do. Sigh. I guess I should work on that, but hell, they're teens already!

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