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Friday, November 18, 2011

Whoa whoa whoa! WTF PETA?

I am a huge animal advocate who adopted my doggy BFF Kyssa from the Vancouver Pound almost 12 years ago. When I worked at a large law firm in Vancouver I was in charge of the firm's BCSPCA Paws for a Cause campaign every year before moving to California. So I'm not someone who just sits around at home whining about the poor abused animals, I get out there and work to make a change.

But PETA - when you start trying to scare my kid I'm gonna have to ask you to back the hell up. PETA's latest billboard campaign features a picture of a Jack Russell Terrier's head on a turkey's body with the words 'KIDS: If you wouldn't eat your dog, why eat a turkey.  Go vegan.'

If they want to target adults with these ads they can go right ahead but to set their sights on kids - that's just not cool.

Parents who make the effort to teach their children about things like helping the environment, bullying, the Golden Rule and of course compassion for all living things are to be commended and, as one of those parents, I don't appreciate scare tactics.

Does PETA even need to deliver a blow aimed at children to further their cause and, more importantly, will it even work? Consider that a National Turkey Federation survey found that 88% of Americans eat turkey every Thanksgiving as a matter of tradition. Is the dog-turkey hybrid really going to change that?

They might argue that childrens' inherent compassion makes them ideal targets for PETA's cause but I would counter that if their cause is solid enough they don't need to aim at kids. As successful as they may be, PETA might want to consider a better approach. Stop going for the 'any news is publicity' gambit and start taking the high road.

Kyssa does not agree with experimentation on animals.
And I know I know - here we are talking about PETA. Well played.


Alexandr Burt said...

I agree. I can't even read some of their e-mails because they freak me out. And I am a grown-up. I remember a video depicting a dog dying after getting skinned alive in China. I will NEVER forget the image. On the other hand - she shock value works. As long as it does some good, I will try to avoid. But I understand. Kids who grow up with pets have an especially hard time.

Anonymous said...

I second your WTF on this. I get what they're trying to do, but it's a bit much. And I'm a big animal lover myself. Found Scribblesaurus Me through a hop and now I'm following here and on facebook.

Jamie said...

I agree with you about PETA - they really come off as psychotic. I would never hurt an animal and think animal abuse is deplorable, but PETA is just crazy! Have you seen their gruesome rabbit butchering comic book that they hand out to KIDS??

For Love of Cupcakes

Tracy said...

They made a rabbit killing comic? Ugh - I'm glad I haven't seen it. I remember playing with rabbits at a friend's birthday party when I was a little kid and then found out that we ATE it for dinner at their house that night! I still can't eat rabbit :( But that doesn't mean I want to make a graphic novel out of the experience for my son to see :/

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