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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time for Another Juice Fast

Wow - things have been so busy around here that I have kind of let myself slide health-wise. I haven't been to chiro in ages and have started eating some fairly crappy quick food again.

Rich and I did a 40 day juice fast in August/September this year and it was a truly amazing experience both in terms of how much extra fat we lost as well as a complete reboot of our taste buds and eating habits. But I think we both knew the cravings for kale wouldn't last much past the reintroduction of solid foods. We committed to be aware of our bodies and to be mindful of when we started to slip.

Well, we're slippin'! I ate cinni-mini crunch cereal on Friday and drank WAY too much wine on Halloween. Considering we estimated that we should do anywhere from three to ten days of fasting to reset ourselves every month or two it's about time we jumped in. But you know what is weird? Instead of dreading it and feeling sorry for myself for having to do it, I'm really stoked about juicing again! My body felt so much better and my clarity of mind was tenfold.

I have to be careful with timing since we're trying to conceive and the experts say one should never fast when pregnant (or breastfeeding) and I know we're not right now (wuh wuh wuh sadface) so we're going to do 10 days again starting tomorrow!  Wish us luck!

UPDATE:  Maybe 5 days ;P

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