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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Soccer Camp & Swimming Lessons?

Ender started swimming lessons when he was just an infant for two reasons: (1) he has loved the water since he was born and (2) I believe that every kid needs to know how to swim as early as possible.  No, I did not think that he would be able to save himself from drowning at 8 months old but I wanted him to get used to the idea very early on.

1 year old in the wading pool at Grammy's.
He loved his swimming lessons as long as the pool was warm enough. It was generally daddy's job to go in the water with him and it was a really nice bonding time for the two of them. Once E was old enough to go in on his own he very much enjoyed his first round of lessons with the coach he had but after we had to change his time-slot and got a new instructor his enthusiasm quickly fizzled to nothing. We couldn't even get him in the water anymore and it had nothing to do with his joy for swimming - it was something about the new setup that bothered him. So instead of fighting him every weekend we pulled him out of the lessons and coached him on our own.

Now that it's been a nice break from any extra curricular activities (don't even get me started on soccer :/) we're thinking of signing him up for swimming again at a new location. He's got his afternoons off now as he only attends preschool in the mornings so we need something a little more structured than just winging around next door at the park or going on random sight-seeing tours of museums.

3 years old in our hot tub.
I've also been considering enrolling him for weekly gymnastics, sports, art classes or any of the other myriad of options here in San Carlos or Belmont. The problem is that these things are not cheap! Not that we wouldn't pay for any number of them IF HE WOULD GO EVERY TIME! I'm frustrated with the lack of drop-in activities out there. I don't want to pay ~$150 for a three month weekly class that he is going to hate after two visits. He's fickle like his momma even though he is a trusty Leo and I'm a flighty Gemini. (NOTE: You can blame a LOT of shit on being a Gemini. I highly recommend being one and advocate against giving birth to one).

So what to do? Anyone have any recommendations for classes in the Bay Area that your preschoolers love that aren't a three month commitment? Please comment here or send me an email or tweet with your ideas. Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

Did you hear Little Gym closed? There goes that sports class you were looking at. Don't you Canadians like cold? How about doing open skate at the ice rink? Took R there last week, it wasn't crowded and it is $10 for as long as their little feet will last (it's a 5 hour window). Try the rec centers, they do a bunch of different classes and I think they do a refund if you drop mid-way. I think. Have you checked out Caterpillar Kids Club? It sounds right up your alley. But I don't think they refund. Parents Place here in FC has a drop in time, which might be nice for winter when you guys can't go to the park. They have a punch card system. Where are you trying swimming this time? I asked K if she wanted to take swimming and she freaked out and said no. But she loves the water. Have you checked out Junior Gym in San Mateo? They have "Open Gym" twice a day and after a $25 one time reg fee, there's a punch card system to drop in. It's like Little Gym but older and bigger, even has a zip line.

- Leslie

Tracy said...

Thanks for the ideas Leslie! I hadn't heard that Little Gym closed and that's a bummer :( I checked out ice skating but Ender isn't that interested in it yet. He likes to move too fast to be hampered by trying to stay up on slippery ice. The rec centers here have less pm classes than I'd like but I'm going to call and see about refund policies.

I'm also trying to avoid THE 101 (Tricia!!)if I can help it but might bite the bullet if it makes sense. I've heard really great things about Highlands for swimming lessons, you might check there but it's an outdoor pool (heated). Will also look into Junior Gym. Yay for options!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we did Highlands during the summer and we thought it was great. We will be back next summer for sure. It's just too far for me to drive after school and during the rain and I've heard mixed comments about the pool when they put the dome up. Let me know how it is. The one bummer is that they don't have a little seat or steps for the little swimmers so K had to hold the wall all the time. And she couldn't reach the bottom which made it a little harder for her :( But the price is half as much as the other swim schools!

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