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Monday, November 7, 2011

Day One Juice Fast - Update

So I'm at the end of day one. Did I mention earlier that I'm not allowed to have caffeine? I can't remember what I said because I'm not allowed to have caffeine. That stuff is so good but so bad. I had decaf with stevia and a little almond milk this morning to try to ease the transition which is ok - I'm not actually craving any coffee but I do feel pretty wiggy.

The hardest part of today hasn't been actually craving any food, it's been trying to remember not to have a bite of something that I give to my son. If any of you parents want a big wake up call on your caloric intake, just go ahead and write down every single mouthful of food you put in your face hole for a week or so. Or even just a day - you will be shocked at how many extra calories you are taking in just by 'sampling'.

I realized just how hard the food addiction had gripped me again while I was making Ender dinner tonite. My first reaction was that I should need to have some but after stopping and listening to my body I realized that I wasn't hungry in the least! Eating can be such a habit which, unlike breathing, isn't really immediately necessary. Don't get me wrong - we need to eat to live but at least for me that doesn't mean I have to have three square meals and two snacks per day. I just don't. It always depends on what I'm doing, where I'm going, how much I exercised, what I already ate today and a plethora of other things.

So at the end of the day I am sitting here with a mild head fog but otherwise doing just fine on Day One. Felt a bit hungry around 1pm but a glass of juice and a glass of water cured that. Currently enjoying a peppermint tea which helps, by the way, with any sort of nausea that can pop up in the early days of fasting.

Tonite will be an early night for me so that I can attack Day Two with the same commitment as Day One. I hope Rich hasn't cheated today. Of course he is participating in Movember again this year so I should be able to spot any cookie dust in the 'stache.

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