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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Throat Punch Thursday. Period.

This is my very first Throat Punch Thursday post ever. Not that I haven't kicked a few people or things in the junk before but this is actually me pissed off at Thursday itself.

Especially this Thursday.

1. Sick Kid

My son is sick. It started with allergies which then developed into a chest cold. Ninja Poke to the Eye, Cold.

2. Period

I have it. Which means irritability, pimples and back cramps. And worse - I'm obviously not pregnant. Thanks for being a dick, period.

3. Musical Doodle

That dang Musical Doodle song from Spongebob is stuck in my head. I really need to turn the tv off after dropping off E in the morning so that I don't end up seeing random cartoons with catchy songs.

4. Rain

It's supposed to rain today. Which is cool, because I like rain, but not cool because my husband has not covered the spot on the damaged car where the door no longer meets the roof, so it will probably leak.

So suck it, Thursday. Soon you'll be gone and Friday will take your place. And Friday sounds like a way cooler dude.

"Thursday (Tomorrow will be friday)"...
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Painting entitled Thursday (Tomorrow Will Be Friday)
From now on I will be saving most of my rant-like posts for Thursdays, so tune in there if you want to grab your pitchforks and satisfy your need to join a lynch mob.

Once I have a few days to myself again (next week) I will be doing my full transfer over to Wordpress - stay tuned for the official post!  

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Anonymous said...

What a shitty day you're having! I'm sorry. :-( May tomorrow be better.

Daniel Swensen said...

I give your day -1 and dislike it.

Tracy said...

Right? This day has SOME nerve!

Truthful Mommy said...

Im sorry that you are having a shitty Thursday. I too am having my shark week and it makes every day suck more! Thank you for linking up. ANd thanks for perpetuating the THROAT PUNCH THURSDAY. It's cathartic, right?LOL

Jean said...

Aww, Tracy I hope your son starts feeling better soon!!! Colds suck and so do periods. I'm sorry you got yours because I know you've been trying for another baby. When it rains, it pours! Hopefully not literally for you yet...since your hubby has to fix the car so it won't leak!!

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