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Monday, November 7, 2011

Juice Fast - Day One

Ok so we are on Day 1 of our new 10 day juice fast. I am super lucky because my husband is the 'Juicer'. He likes to have control over the Breville which is fine by me because I don't want to clean it. Our son thinks it is too loud and demanded that Rich stop making 'salad juice' this morning.

I wasn't sure what the concoction this morning consisted of and with us scurrying around trying to get out the door for preschool drop off and work I forgot to ask the Juicer. My endeavors to find out resulted in this lovely Skype conversation:

[8:45:46 AM] Tracy: Ah needs ta know whatcha put in the jooce this mornin'.  fer mah blohg.
[9:11:38 AM] Rich: handful of baby carrots
[9:11:44 AM] Rich: stick of celery
[9:11:55 AM] Rich: semi-wilted head of arugula
[9:11:58 AM] Rich: 2 apples
[9:12:07 AM] Rich: handful of grapes
[9:12:12 AM] Rich: pee

As an aside - all you people who wonder how Rich puts up with my delightful oddness now know it goes both ways.

So that's what we had this morning - about 3/4 of a large glass of juice each. I'm feeling pretty dang good right now - it gave me a nice feeling of internal cleanliness pretty quickly. No, I don't mean I pooped right away - I mean that I feel good, energetic and focused. All from a big shot of nutrients that I've been missing.

Rock me with the salad juice!  Oh also - I'm pretty sure there was no pee in there.


Tricia said...

I hae no doubt he gives it back! Blind acceptance and faith is somewhat frightening though!

Rich said...

Lol. Funny to think that I'm THAT much of a control freak that I need to manage the juicer. :)

Tracy said...

I didn't mean you were a control freak and I love that you love it because then I don't have to. You see? Don't think about it too hard or it won't make sense. Just trust me :D

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