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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm thankful for this stuff

(see below for update)

I'm kind of shallow sometimes. I admit it.

So instead of going for the big points on what I'm thankful for, like the liberation of blank from blank, the fact that the Canadian Space Agency is still going strong and that so many people I know are expecting little bundles of joy/sleepless nights next year, I decided to be thankful for some of the less significant, more mundane things in my life.

  1. My husband is not a douche canoe. Woo!
  2. I finally got to say douche canoe in a post.
  3. My dog does not have fleas.
  4. It's not quite sunny but at least it's not raining right now.
  5. My friends pretty much rock. And will paint rocks with me this weekend. That's pretty cool.
  6. My couch is super comfy.
  7. They made a TV show of The Walking Dead.
  8. My son poops on the potty now. Mostly.
  9. There are very few spiders in my house or they are really good at hiding. Maybe both.
  10. A new bird of paradise bloomed in my yard today.

Run, Rick!  Run!

NOTE: I have no idea why Zemanta would suggest Kieth Richards or Jesus as tags for this post but they were listed so how could I not include them?

UPDATE: No lie - I haven't seen a spider in my house in months and about 15 minutes after hitting 'publish' a spider scrabbled up the wall behind me. I swear it was this guy, Patrick from the article 'Spiders' from, all watching over my shoulder while I typed.


Naked Mommy said...

That's my kind of gratitude list (I have 3 on my blog - 2 sarcastic, 1 only semi-so)! Yay for no douche-canoe hubby!! And you know, the weather's better because you aren't in Vancouver anymore. My hometown is Coquitlam and I would never go back because of the rain, clouds, fog and more rain.

Tracy said...

Hi Naked Mommy - thanks for stopping by! (That is a sentence I've always wanted to say). Can you believe that I actually miss the rain sometimes now - we went for so long without any down here and when it came last week we went out playing in it every day. Which is probably how I got this miserable cold. Screw you, rain.

I lived in Coquitlam for a couple of years - right on the border of Port Moody off the Barnet Hwy. I really liked it out there until my husband (then boyfriend) forced/convinced me to move into his place in Yaletown.

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