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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I search so you don't have to!

I'm so sick that I could literally just crawl under the table and sleep for the day. E started a new preschool a few weeks ago and brought home his first 'new' cold/flu bug. So he's now home sick for the third day in a row since I'm super anal about not sending my kid to school to spread the germs. I don't need those dirty looks!

Unfortunately I think it hit me way harder than it did him - which is just more fodder for my conspiracy theory that toddlers are experimenting on us. I can't string more than one sentence together right now so I decided to do a little bit of link loving this morning.


Because your biggest worry when having relations with animals should be the risk of cancerHuffPo

We totally should have done this to Ender. And my dogReddit

If pizza is a vegetable then I quit. I just

Ridiculous. Everyone knows that babies can handle a good solid stabbingMSNBC

Just wait a sec before you cut that cordBBC

Hey Robert Pattinson! I think someone liiiikes you ;P  Twihard Delight

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