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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Duggars make it an even 20

If you haven't already heard, the Duggars (of 19 Kids and Counting fame) have announced that they are expecting a 20th child.

( "The kids were all asking, 'Are you joking or are you serious?' " says Michelle. "It was a big surprise. The little ones started jumping up and down when they realized he was serious." 

Really kids?  You were surprised? Because your mother hasn't been knocked up 20 of the past 24 years?

Today you can find several news stories on the subject ranging from feel-good articles on to opinion pieces on Technorati. There is heated discussion on the subject of the Duggars' faith based reasons to reject forms of birth control or, more to the point, to use the womb for it's intended purpose which admittedly is to bear children.

I'm in no position to debate the religious aspects at play here and frankly Scribblesaurus Me isn't that type of blog. But what we can do is some damned good advocacy work. That's right. I am tossing my hat in the ring on behalf of Michelle Duggar's uterus.

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Pregnancy, childbirth, raising children - all wonderful things. Any parent will (or should!) agree that having a child was one of, if not the, most important and amazing things they've ever done. I'll also accept that it is likely just as great the 20th time around which I'm basing on the fact that I'm pretty sure my parents loved my older brother and I equally and I think they were still stoked when they got pregnant with me. Right Mom? Mommy?  Right?  She'll probably get back to me later...

Where was I? Right - the uterus. Regardless of any medical reasons that might suggest many successive near to full-term pregnancies and deliveries (and a quick google search on '20th pregnancy uterus' didn't produce any readily available research) it's got to get a bit old for a poor uterus to keep doing this! Can it get a frickin' break already? Maybe that 19th baby coming out at just over 1lb at 25 weeks was its way of saying 'eff this, I am so OVER it!'
( “There’s no information out there about somebody having this many babies. That, I think, makes us nervous,” says Macones, chair of obstetrics and gynecology at Washington University in St. Louis, who’d never heard of the Duggars until contacted him.
Anyways - the only thought-provoking part of this whole story for me is to wonder what their reasons for continuing to have children really are. If it's because they love their children all so dearly (and I'm sure they do) that they can't even fathom not having more and they are able to provide for them, then ok. If it's because they like 'doing it' (and who doesn't?) but refuse to use birth control or maybe Michelle has a hankering to figure out a tater tot casserole recipe for 25, then I'm not convinced of the validity of their reasons.

Only time will tell, likely generations down the road, how their children are being affected by their decisions. Just like it will for my family and yours.

I want to hear from you. What do you think? What is your ideal family size? Is your uterus hurting just reading about this?


Michele Mobley, Dawson Creek, BC said...

When I heard that Michelle Duggar was pregnant again I thought "the ratings must be slipping" Only two children have ever visited my uterus, and I couldn't imagine any uterus is leaving the building!

Alexandra Burt said...

She is NUTS. She had problems with number 19, gave birth to a premature baby. A sane woman would call it quits ( a truely sane woman would have called it quits 15 babies ago). She is irresponsible and putting her life and her baby's life in danger. NO ONE can give 20 children the time and devotion they need from a parent. How about braces, college? I hope for the best for the sake of her baby. If anything happens to her - who will raise her children? I hate to count people's money - but who is picking up the tab on that family?

Tracy said...

Michele - your and my uterus can go into hiding together until they stop shaking in the corner.

Alexandra - does their show sort of cover their expenses like it did for Jon & Kate? Apparently their home is paid for but I don't know how much money Mr. Duggar could be making selling real estate. Thrifty is one thing but it's got to be a massive bill just to keep that many people alive. And as I think about how often my kid has to actually be in immediate contact with my body :? I imagine Michele would like a human porcupine with little kids sticking off her in all directions. Ugh.

Savannah McQueen said...

I think they are taking quite a risk. I do not make a habit of judging others, and if they want to have 25 I think they are entitled to that. I just wonder how many are going to have to be born at 1.5 pounds before they realize that it isn't safe anymore. I hope they are getting sound advice. On another note, I just found your site and I am enjoying it.

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