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Monday, October 24, 2011

Witty Title Mondays! Zombies

7:45 am 
Ender comes into the bedroom.  That kid can wake the dead!  (ba da da dum!)  That was bad, but I've literally just reanimated so back off.

8:15 am
Forgot to wake Rich, he's late for work now.  Still feeling a little groggy.  Making Ender some toast and peanut butter for breakfast.  How can anyone eat peanut butter.  It's disgusting.

10:00 am
Going to the park.  It's near Halloween so no one stops and stares like I had feared.  Until I started sloughing off body parts.  Thanks for making vibrate so intense, iPhone.

Ender asked for corn dogs and fries for lunch.  The heat from the oven makes me smell bad.  And ooze a bit.  Sick.

Ender is napping.  Having a bit of 'me' time surfing Reddit.  Came across this - Zombie Boy.  He is SO dreamy.  Note to self:  Pick up some Derma-blend.

Watch another Republican Debate.  Wuh wuh wuh, it's like listening to the teacher from Peanuts.  Still no discussion on Zombie Rights.  Which reminds me that I have to get a sitter so that I can attend the flash mob this weekend.

Rich finally got home.  He thinks it's so easy to hold myself together all day.  Could a gal get a hug?  A nibble?

Played with Gooblek again.  It freaked Rich out when I pretended to throw a lump of it at him.  I actually threw a lump of ME at him. lolz

Finally got Ender to bed.  If he keeps stalling and putting up a fight at bedtime I'm going to eat his brain.  j/k

I wish I could still go to bed.  I'm new at this but I'll wager that 90% of a zombie's problems are a direct result of sleep deprivation.  I'll probably just go shuffle around the neighborhood for a couple hours.  /sigh

*Affirmation for tomorrow - Try really hard not to bite anyone.  It's super rude and I didn't like it when it happened to me.  Golden Rule and all that...

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Tracy said...

GTFO!! I just noticed when I hit 'post' that the time stamp from this morning was 9:04am and the time stamp from this post was 9:04pm. OoooOOooooOOOooo! <---that's a sort of ghosty type sound.

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