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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Word Battle - Potty Accident

Today's word battle is brought to you by the wonderful Ender. 

When I picked Ender up from school yesterday he was conspicuously wearing the spare pants and underwear that had been tucked into his backpack and stored in his classroom cubby.

I was hoping against hope that some pant destroying tragedy such as spilled juice, a knocked over water activity, half a Santa cut-out stuck to his butt from the art table or anything, really, that doesn't involve bodily fluids would turn out to be responsible.

The fact-finding mission went like this:

Me: Hey buddy - how come you're wearing your spare joggies?

E:  I peed in my pants.

Me: How come? 

E: I had an accident.

Me: Ok, honey, I get that, but why?

E: Because I didn't go to the bathroom to pee.

Me: I see where you're going with that. But why did you go in your pants instead of in the potty? 

E: Oh. It was too bright outside.


Me: Too bright out? I don't understand...

E: I was outside playing and I had to pee and when I looked at the door to the classroom, to go inside to go to the potty, the sun was very very bright in my eyes and I could not see the door! So I couldn't go inside the door to pee.

Me: So - you couldn't get inside to pee because the sun was hurting your eyes?

E: Yes, mommy. It was very very bright.

Me: Well. I have to give you points for creativity. But tomorrow, just ask a teacher to help ok?

E: Ok mommy. Maybe they will have sunglasses or something.

Let's hope...

What is the funniest or most creative reason or excuse your little one has given for having an accident? There has to be some good ones out there and I want to hear them!


Ann said...

Really cute! Poor little guy! Like your writing & drawings & your theme!!!

Tracy said...

Thank you Ann :)

vanita said...

lol. oh I absolutely loved this. The things kids would say. We're at the potty training stage with me 3yo son. It's crazy. I never had to potty train a boy before and sometimes I swear I'm just going about it all wrong. When he wets his pants his most used excuse is "Potty is sleeping. Let Potty sleep. Shhh." Thanks for stopping by. So happy to meet you and your wonderful blog!

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