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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Isn't Real?

I feel lucky to have always had a good Christmas. I don't mean in a material way, because our family certainly had our lean years when I was a kid. I mean in a family way. My parents always made sure that my brother and I were surrounded in Christmas spirit right from the First Advent until after New Years. 

Merry Christmas
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They made the time to take us out into the snowy forest to find the perfect tree. We sang carols for every Advent. We baked cookies and made chocolates. 

My older brother told me Santa isn't real. 

Dick move, but he was only about 7 so y'know..

I still remember it like it was yesterday. We were in the Woodwards store (remember those?) shopping for some gifts for each other and I was browsing down an aisle with my mom. My brother popped around the end, came up to me and said 'It doesn't matter what you put on your list, you know, Santa isn't real'.  

My mother was all, 'WHAAA? Noooo! That's not true, Martin!' I just remember being shocked and stunned! Was this true? Why would he say that? I just saw Santa yesterday! AT THIS STORE!

As best as my parents tried to convince me otherwise, the seed of doubt had been planted. Perhaps Santa really was a hoax. I remember struggling with it for the next few days until Christmas. I also remember my brother getting in a buttload of trouble for saying what he did (probably especially for the way he said it - I think he was pissed at me and decided to hit me where it hurt).

On Christmas morning - lo and behold - Santa had been to our house and there were a bunch of presents from him under the tree. At the end of the unwrapping we retrieved our stockings from the fireplace and inside mine I found a little play make-up kit that I wanted. It had a note on it that said 

'To Tracy, Merry Christmas. I AM real. Love Santa'

It was then that I knew that Santa was make-believe. It was also when I realized my brother wasn't quite such a jerk - the handwriting was his.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday whether you believe in Santa or not.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.