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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Marshmallow Heads

I actually don't really like Halloween. No one in Canada cares about Halloween except little kids. OK that's probably not completely true but we Canucks don't go all out for it like these Americans do.

We're enjoying it much more this year since Ender is old enough now to be totally into it and his excitement is obviously infectious. So this year I actually bought two magazines that included ideas for homemade treats and decorations. That brings me to a grand total of, hmmm, let's see..... two Halloween magazines that I have bought in my whole life. Of course E commandeered them immediately and got his little precious heart set on these marshmallow lollipop treats decorated to look like Frankenstein, mummies, vampires and pumpkins.  They actually looked to be about the easiest thing in the mag to make, so, like a complete idiot with a WAY overestimated sense of self worth in the kitchen, said "Sure! What my baby wants, my baby gets!"


Rich always manages to take photos of grungy Trace.
Shout out to Empires and Allies, lol.

Half way done!
When the time came on Sunday to start dipping those marshmallows in chocolate I was still under the impression that I could handle this and whip up 28 pops in a couple of hours. Just a little dipping and piping. No big deal. Combine laundry, play time, a kid who needs to see them and wants to touch the treats every 5 minutes and it actually turned into a bit of a nightmare. Big thanks to Rich for getting E out of the house a couple times. I won't go into gory details but I ended up still piping frosting faces onto little pumpkins at 9:30 that night and my hand is still sore!

But oh they were so worth it!  They were a big hit at Ender's Halloween party and, more importantly, he himself LOVED them.

And I've already got a bunch of ideas to make some for the xmas holidays ;)


Anonymous said...

You are such a better Mom than me! Hey we should have a holiday decorating party with the ass biters!! - Tricia

Tracy said...

You're right, I am. HAHA just kidding!! It's because I don't have to go to work 5 days a week that I get to do these things.

We can form a little preschooler labor camp and force them to bake cookies and stitch little leather reindeer wallets.

Kit said...

Wow, these are great! Nicely done.

Tracy said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment Kit :)

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