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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Offbeat Fashion

Just because I am a mom does not mean that I can't have a quirky sense of fashion. I don't actually wear these things around every day but I love to look because fashion can be a form of art.  So here are a few of the sites that I really like, Steampunk Couture in particular because they take such amazing photos of their work.

Steampunk Couture. Yes, I love Steampunk.  Gorgeous designs, gorgeous models, gorgeous photos.

Oh you didn't know I love all things zombie?  Are you new here?  ;)  The famed Iron Fist Zombie Stomper. Enjoy.

Sometimes I wish I lived in the era of the Pin Up Girl.  And this might just be my choice for holiday dress this year at Pin Up Girl Clothing. I especially like that they have clothes for the *ahem* bustier ladies.

Not as quirky obviously but holy shit some great deals can be found here if you are not close enough to visit an actual retail location - Nordstrom Rack.

Leave me a comment if you have a great fashion site that you like to browse.

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