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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I need some GD Christmas Spirit!

Calling for Christmas Blog Post links!!

Ok, that's it. Christmas is next weekend and and I'm not even freakin' close to being in the spirit.

I haven't listened to any holiday music that has not come from Ender singing. Like Jingle Bells on a loop last night for about 25 minutes and a few rousing renditions of Rudolph, "They never let poor Rudolph *Rudolph* join in any reindeer games *like Monopoly!*".

English: A rendition of the musical notation f...
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I need your help. Half the people around me have a holiday flu and are miserable. I was really REALLY hoping that I could get some people to come here and post their favorite feel good articles that they have found and read this year.

So this is a link fest. Leave me links to your favorite posts in the comments section, I will read through them and post a roll of my favorites tomorrow morning. You all have 24 hours to post some holiday cheer.

They can be sweet, sentimental, funny (you know I love those ones) or even ranty. Yes that's a word... now.

OK - this is going to be great. You may post a link to your own Holiday Post, but try to spread some love and point us to someone else's blog, mkay?

Oh - you can also even post your favorite one-liner from twitter if it was holiday related. Just be sure to tell me who tweeted it.

Spread the word. Let's get happy!

UPDATE: Today of all days, Blogger screws up my comments AND my CommentLuv. So I've turned on regular blogger commenting for this post. Making that move to Wordpress higher on my to-do list. :/


Jen said...

By way of a Facebook recommendation from a friend, I just discovered The author did a cheeky post on the Elf on the Shelf phenomenon and overachieving moms...I believe that post was done on Dec. 9. Her other posts are funny, too, but that one was freaking hilarious! She also has a Facebook page by the same name.

Jen said...

By the way, that author's name is Jen too, but it is not me. I only wish I was that funny!

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