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Thursday, December 29, 2011

I have the flu and I hate everything.

Yesterday I had a perfectly wonderful morning at the playground with E, Esme and her son. The kids had a great time, we walked up to the beach, wrote our names in the sand and the kids chased seagulls. I got semi-eaten by a purple dragon.

Then we went for lunch followed by chiro adjustments for myself and E.

We felt GREAT!

Until about 8pm last night. Out of nowhere (well, it was from 'somewhere' but you don't need to hear about it) my body decided that nothing - NOTHING - should be left inside of it.

I swear I felt like I'd been poisoned, but apparently it is a flu based on the evidence that Esme ate the same thing I did yesterday and did not get poisoned.

So the upside is that no one is trying to kill me.

The downside is that I ended up getting zero sleep last night, my dog was uninterested in huggling me on the bedroom or bathroom floors and I was too sick to get the 10 feet from my bed to the thermostat 900 times to adjust it based on my current state of either fever or chills.

I hate flus. I hate them so much.

OK - this was a bummer post. Hopefully tomorrow I'll still be alive and can maybe write something witty or happy.


Image by bullcitydogs via Flickr
This dog's name is Esme.
It is not my friend Esme.

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