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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Starbucks just isn't that in to you.

It turns out that after a long relationship with the type of customer that it initially coveted and arguably built its business on, Starbucks is just sort of over it. It's not you, amateur novelist, it's Starbucks. They've just, well they've grown is all.  Matured.  And you haven't, so maybe it's best if everyone just moves on. Of course by 'move on' Starbucks means stop hogging the comfy chair and using the bathroom. Part of it wants you to find a new chair and bathroom. It also wants you to stop hanging around all day - you should make some new friends, pop in real quick to say 'hi', drop some cash and then go outside and experience life on your own.

It's even trying that move where the one who wants to do the dumping doesn't want to take responsibility for ending the relationship so they pull some dick moves to try and get you to break up with them. Like raising prices.

Fine! Because you know what, in my very experienced and honest coffee-drinking opinion Blenz is better than Starbucks anyways. The baristas are nicer, the coffee is better and they have a chair for you. Yeah, if you are Canadian, you could be very happy with Blenz. If you are American then I don't know - date around a bit. Try out Peets or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf*. Or just settle down and make some coffee at home. Don't fear the commitment of buying your own espresso maker.

I still carry around this pic of me on my balcony
 in Vancouver with my home Blenz on the corner.

Look, you just have to accept that Starbucks has already moved on and if I play devil's advocate - maybe you were crowding it a bit. Just sayin'.**

*I am not recommending either of those on personal experience because I don't go there. 
**That was for Amanda over at Runninghood ;)

Are you a coffee mama?  Do you need that tall latte to get you to the preschool dropoff, school, soccer game etc.? Or do you get enough sleep that you don't need...pffft hahaha I can't even finish that.  Moms getting enough sleep. Too funny.

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