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Friday, November 11, 2011

Rainy Days

After a nasty sleep due to Ender's allergies keeping him (and me) awake for several hours last night we woke up to the wonderful world of rain this morning! I just had to get outside and take some photos of the wet surface textures - things that look so dusty and bleh on our normal hot days appear so refreshed in the rain.

Ender is home today for Veterans Day here in the US and, because we are Canadian, we will of course be taking part in the moment of silence for Remembrance Day as well. In a way the blustery wind and rain seems almost appropriate for such a solemn and deeply important day.

If you've never sat and listened to a Veteran tell their tales, you really should. My Grandfather fought in WWII and my mother was lost as a baby during the bombing of Berlin. I never ever want to experience what my grandparents went through and I know there are so many families out there today who are doing just that. Their sacrifices are never to be diminished regardless of what your personal view of any particular war or deployment may be, they didn't start the war, they're just trying to keep you safe. Thank any soldiers, military personnel and veterans you see today. It's the least you can do.

Have a meaningful day.

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