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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Juice Fast Day Two

Today went fairly well. Didn't feel hungry after having my kale/pineapple juice this morning. However, Ender is sitting in front of me dipping a home-made chocolate chip cookie in chocolate milk as his bedtime snack and I really want to have a taste of the chocolate.

Some fatigue got me around 2:30 this afternoon and luckily Ender was ready for a nap after we played quite hard at the park so I took a nice little sleep with him. R is working late at the office so E is going to crash with me in bed tonite as he says his tummy is feeling a bit sore. Hopefully he's just eating so much for his growth spurt that it's just working overtime and not a new bug from school.

If I can get another good night's sleep under my belt for tomorrow I think I'll be set for the nastiness of days 3 and 4. Thanks to my allergies I already had a pretty epic cleansing of the sinus cavities this evening. You're welcome!

I can't wait to see how the next 8 days play out. Especially Friday with Tricia - what could possibly go wrong with me all goofed up on a fast under her wonderful influence?


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