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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Juice Fast Day Three

I realized today that I should clarify my reasons for doing this follow-up fast.

It's NOT because I want to lose weight. In fact I'd really rather not. I don't want to buy new pants again. Well I do, but not at the sacrifice of the new pants I just bought a month or two ago. The only weight I regained after my 40 day fast was basically what I like to call 'poop weight' - the food that is currently being processed in my digestive tract. My reasons for fasting again are based around wanting the yummy, easily processed shot of nutrients and to give my body a bit of digestive time off to do some housekeeping work. This may be surprising - so brace yourself - I don't find it hard. I don't feel deprived or hungry at all.

Fasting is not necessarily synonymous with dieting. Many cultures fast for cultural or religious purposes that have absolutely nothing to do with losing weight. I am not doing some bunky boxed 'detox' or 'cleanse' from a box picked up at the local health food store.

I know many trainers and nutritionists out there are shocked and dismayed that someone would do such a horrible thing as not eat solids for a short period of time. What's funny and contradictory is that some of these same people actively promote a 'primal' lifestyle. I suspect primal man didn't eat every two hours every day of his life. I'm guessing he spent some time feeling hungry and viewed food largely as a means of survival.

North American culture tends to celebrate gluttony, evidenced by the popularity of eating contests, all you can eat food bars and TV shows like Man Vs Food. I find those things pretty disturbing. I certainly don't want my son growing up with the belief that he should eat everything on his plate just because it's on there. I want him to learn to eat mindfully and nutritionally. He likes sweets just like any kid but many times he also chooses veggies over sugar. I'm so proud of his eating habits even when he's being finicky. Of course he's not allowed to fast and doesn't even really know what that is - he's a growing boy! He can make his own decisions on that when he is much much older. Like maybe around 60 ;P

I really want for people to keep an open mind about their own nutrition, do lots and lots of research, talk to experts and find a plan that really works for them. Don't buy into a cookie cutter plan that is supposed to work for everyone. We are all different! Try new things. If you try a juice fast and hate it, then don't do it! Easy as pie. If you love it, then maybe incorporate it healthfully into your life.

Make peace with yourself, your food and your lifestyle and again, above all, stop for a minute and listen to your body. Really really listen. If you feel like crap most days maybe something needs to change.

Anyhoo - that's just my opinion and my 2 cents. I also believe in climate change FWIW.

Stop and smell this happy rose from my yard. 

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