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Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Positives & Negatives

Tricia started a thing on Facebook this morning about having to be nice to win a prize or a bet or something. Good luck!  hahaha Anyways - it got me to thinking about positives and negatives. So here is what I came up with today:

Positive:  I managed to shower this morning.
Negative:  I put my sick jammy pants back on because they were already 'broken in'.

Positive:  I washed my hair!
Negative:  I shed a big hairball from my head.
Positive:  I refrained from posting a picture of the hairball here.

Positive:  There will be new Handy Mannys on all next week.
Negative:  I care that there will be new Handy Mannys on all next week.

Positive:  Biggest traffic day yet on Scribblesaurus.
Negative:  You bastards only like me when I'm sick and have a messy house.

Negative:  It's probably going to rain.
Positive:  I will  Ender will get to stomp puddles in his rain boots!

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Anonymous said...

I "heart" you regardless of sick or messy house... However I am going shoe shopping without you today! - Tricia

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