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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things from the Interwebz

I know my audience is full of super nerds, gamers and geeks.  But you all like pretty things, funny things and random weirdness so I decided to share some of the cool stuff that I see on the web.

If you have read the Game of Thrones book or the whole series, you will appreciate the Inn at the Crossroads foodie blog.  And especially this Weirwood Cake that they made for Halloween. If I had any useful food crafting skills I would definitely try to make one.

I admit to being somewhat hooked on celebrity gossip and I love people who can be snarky without being insulting. There is no better combination than Michael K and his blog. His commentary cracks me up every day.

You think World of Warcraft was addictive? Well, let me introduce you to IMO the best stuff can be found in the comments made by Redditors (the Reddit elite, some would say, who peruse the articles/submissions and upvote or downvote them).

For you running/yoga/sporty lady types, I love to browse both the store section of the Athleta site as well as their Athleta Chi Blog. Lots of good inspiring articles and training tools there.

Some of the best opinion pieces on politics, religion and current events can be found at The Huffington Post.

I hope you are all having a great Halloween weekend.  Ender and I are now going to finish watching Spookley again.  He has his own site too :)

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