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Monday, October 17, 2011

Of things my 3yr old taught me today

  1. Once you put a paint brush 'away' by dropping it through a knot hole in the deck, that paint brush is gone forever.
  2. "I don't see why not" is not appropriately enthusiastic when asked if you want to be a superhero.
  3. The last inch of a peeled banana doesn't squish between couch cushions as much as you'd suspect.
  4. Left to her own devices my dog prefers pumpkin seeds over corn cobs.
  5. It really does matter if you move daddy's cup of pretend tea before he gets home 10 hours from now.
  6. A long sleeved shirt and naked from the waste down with mommy's knee as a pillow is the ideal napping setup.
  7. Arachnophobia could possibly be genetic.
  8. Shivers, blue lips and chattering teeth do NOT mean one is cold and it is never time to leave the spray park and go home.  
  9. My ponytail can hold up a 33lb toddler for roughly 1 second.
  10. Siri is fun for all ages.


grammy said...

You do know that he learned all that from you right?????

Marion said...

I love the first one! Oh, the tears...and I wasn't about to try to slide myself under a two foot high deck to retrieve what appeared to be the only paintbrush in the world that worked.

I remember a couple of times when number 8 was insisted upon by you yourself, Tracy, were such a tiny, insistent little shivering blue thing! xx

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